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*** I do it for You! ***

Just a bit about myself...
I am very passionate about food.
I love to eat and feed my friends.
I like it spicy and sometimes sweet.
My sauces go on anything, not just meat! Enjoy all my sauces.
And Remember: I do it for you!

We're not just another pretty face! Here's what we do:

We also refer to our sauces & rubs as a condiment because we find that they taste good on anything. Fish, such as Salmon & Halibut, match well with our rubs. Fire roasted and grilled vegetables are a perfect match for either our sauces or rubs. Using them as a dipper or to spice up grilled cheese, chicken or vegetables are some other ways. Use our sauces & rubs in your own recipes as a secret ingredient to enhance the flavor of meatloaf, soups and stews.

One of our goals is to get a bottle of our sauces & rubs into every home in the USA. One way to do that is with exposure. By making it available to the wholesaler, distributor & the regular consumer, we increase our chances of succeeding. Again, another avenue of exposure and convenience (for the consumer), thereby increasing our chances of success.

Not only do we sell you our sauces & rubs at great prices, but we also believe in our product. One of the best ways to show it is by directly promoting our products. We come out, cook with our sauce right in front of the consumer and let them judge for themselves.

We do fundraisers and love it!! By doing fundraisers, not only are we doing something great for the community, but we are also promoting our product. It's such an off-the-wall concept, selling hot sauce as a fundraiser, but when they really look at the dollars and cents, it really does make sense. They make nearly 70% of the proceeds. That's Huge! I certainly hope that this takes off!

We love our sauces & rubs. One thing we love more is getting people to try them. As a way to promote our product, we thought "...what if we took it right to the consumer?" We come out to your location with sauce, chicken, shrimp, veggies and more.

Since our sauce is not just for Buffalo Wings, we also use it as a condiment. It's rich & thick. It stands up to anything and everything. Dip it, toss it, soak it, marinate in it - it goes on anything: chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetables. You can even stir-fry with it. Grill, broil, bake, fry: there are endless ways to enjoy Curly's sauces & rubs. Add them to your favorite dishes, meat pies, casseroles - just about everything. I have high standards and I assure you, my sauces & rubs are made with the highest quality ingredients available.

And remember: *** I do it for you! ***

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