Bernie's Easy 1-2-3 Curlyfyed Oven Fried Chicken


2 pounds chicken pieces
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup Curlyfyed Creations Wing Sauce - Mild, Medium, or Hot.
1 cup seasoned flour or substitute 1 cup crumbled corn flakes to add extra crunch.
½ stick butter


Marinating bowl or bag
Baking Pan
Measuring cup

Marinating Prep:

Place Chicken in marinating bowl or bag.
Add the buttermilk to ensure the chicken is evenly covered.
Add Curlyfyed Creations Wing Sauce.
Mix or shake well and marinate in refrigerator for 2 hrs or overnight.

Cooking Prep:

Remove a piece of chicken and dredge in flour or corn flake crumbs.
Place on greased baking pan leaving a little space around each piece to ensure even browning.
Repeat for each of the remaining chicken pieces.
Bake at 375º for 1 hour.
Tossed salad with ranch dressing makes a delicious complimentary side dish.
Flavorful Simplicity!