Easy Grilled Buffalo Chicken (or Beef, Pork, Fish, Turkey)


Your favorite grilling meat
Your favorite Curlyfyed Creations Wing Sauce


Basting Bowl and Brush


Preheat Grill to 500º.
Grill meat until done.
Chicken: 165º, Turkey: 170º, Pork: 150º,
Fish: until flaky, Beef: 130º-155º (depending on desired doneness.)
When cooked, baste with Curlyfyed Creations Mild & Tasty (recommended) or your favorite Curlyfyed Creations sauce.
Grill an additional 60 seconds on each side.
1 minute on each side is all it takes to balance the flavors of the meat and sauce.
Avoid overcooking as the flavor will dimish the longer you grill the meat.
That's it! It's that simple.
No salt, no pepper or any additional spices needed. Trust me, this is outrageous!
Impress your family and friends at your next BBQ and Enjoy!

To add even more flavor , try injecting Curlyfyed Creations Wing Sauce
in your poultry or meat before placing it on the grill.
Mmmm! Mmmm!