Curlyfyed Barbeque


Curlyfyed Creations BBQ Spice Rub
Chicken or Pork


Use your hands to Rub in the flavor.

Come-back-for-Seconds Flavor Infusion:

Rub into your choice of meat 20 minutes prior to cooking.
Grill, Bake, Broil or Smoke.
Serve with your Favorite BBQ Sauce.
A Curly favorite: Rub into Pork Ribs, throw them on a Smoker at 220º
1½ hrs for Baby Backs
2½ hrs for regular Pork ribs
An additional hour might be necessary to ensure tender fall off the bone ribs.
Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce.
Want more fall-off-the-bone flavor? You can "finish" the ribs on the grill.
("Finish"means they got enough smoke.)
Putting them on the Grill helps to get them nice and tender.