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The Wing Bowl is a Philadelphia tradition that separates the men from the... uh... I guess that they really don't have a name! Let's just say that these guys can pack away the buffalo wings. It's a test of willpower: Man vs. an unending supply of wings destined to completely stuff the virtual titanium alloy high pressure stomachs of the competitors. These gastronomic troopers will relentlessly struggle to eat that "last wing" until they tether on the verge of catastrophic abdominal detonation! The competition is fierce, but our Curly Von Burly can sit down with the best of them and give them a real run for their money: in fact, he finished #6 in the 2008 Wing Bowl! He truly has an Olympian digestive tract to be reckoned with!
Talk about loving to eat...

Wingbowl poster with animated neon lights

I'd like to personally thank all the people involved with this year's wing bowl and all those who supported me. I met my goal of a top ten finish ( 8th overall! ). I am looking forward to next year, when I go for a top five finish. I certainly hope all of you are as excited as I am to get ready. Thank you again.     Enjoy all of my sauces, and remember... I do it for YOU!!
Curly Von Burly Graciously Thanks the following sponsors and supporters of his 2007 Wing Bowl Participation and Training:
Dr. Mel Burchman
"No one cries in his office except me! But seriously he's a great dentist. He keeps my teeth in great chomping shape."
Sandy's Beef & Ale
"Thank you Dave, for hosting my pep rally for the wingbowl. And for those great hand carved sandwiches. They were yummy."
Steak & Hoagie Factory
"Thanks for making my great 18-inch, 3 pound cheesesteak. And try their Awesome Homemade Meatballs. They are truly the best I've ever had!"
Vincenzo's Pizza
"Great Veal and wonderful breakfast pizza. Pizza for breakfast? This must be heaven!"

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